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Look good and feel even better after getting a straight razor shave in Greenville, TX, from one of our barbers. Shaving with a straight razor is the classic way of getting a cut but is also the most authentic. Leave the plastic and electric razor kids behind and take care of your face the right way. If you hate manual shaving and do not have the proper products or technique to give yourself the fresh, precise shave you want, do not even stress about it. Allow one of our barbers to handle that for you. 

Getting a straight razor shave is truly a satisfying experience that bring great results. While other types of razors and techniques can still leave stubbles behind our irritate you face, getting cut with a straight razor gives a close cut to ensure pure smoothness afterwards. 

Straight razors are extremely better than plastic razors that you may have been using at home. For one the straight razor is extremely sharper which allows it to result in a more efficient shave. And most importantly, with using plastic razors you are more susceptible to skin irritation, which can bring bumps and an irritating feelings. And not just your face, if you are rocking the bald cut theses days, getting your cut with a straight razor is a great way to not leave any stubbles or unsatisfying results to your head, as well. 



If you are in Greenville and are needing proper work done to your face or beard, come by and let one of our barbers give you the straight edge shave you need.

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